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NOTE: Undertale is a game best experienced with a minimum of spoilers! You've been warned.

CHARACTER INFO (for memes and the like)

Name: Sans
Gender: Male
Canon: Undertale
Canon point(s): After meeting Frisk
Age: Skeleton. ...Acts like an adult, more or less.
Character summary: A friendly literal lazybones whose dedication to slacking off transcends time and space. Enjoys bad food and worse jokes. Isn't his brother cool?
Appearance: Inexplicably expressive for a human-looking skeleton monster, but he always wears a grin. A bit short and somewhat big-boned. His voice is distinctive and quite deep. Tends to dress casually: jumpers, hoodies, even wearing fluffy slippers outdoors from time to time. His eyes appear as cheerful little pinpricks of white light in his eye sockets - if either of them disappears or flares blue, you might be in for a bad time.

✓ Romance OK
✓ Minor injuries OK (nothing broken)
✓ Will try to backtag forever; let me know if I forget
✓ Cross-medium is fine
✓ Any writing style is fine
✓ PM me to opt into his stupid font
✗ No smut

This is an RP journal. Up-to-date muselist here.
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